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Elite Fallen

COMPLETE houdini SCI-FI Procedural city training

Above video and the images at the bottom are the actual tutorial output you will achieve !!!


FX-ADDON is sold seperately, so if you only need the procedural buildings section, you can purchase of the FX workflows.

20+ Hours of In-Depth Procedural Sci-Fi City Creation and LookDev Texture baking and basic traffic Crowd system.


This tutorial will take your empty houdini scene to a completely procedural futuristic city.

It will show you how to render the best possible way for optimum memory usage as well as fastest possible renders.

This tutorial uses redshift , but same workflows are supported with many other renderers including Mantra.

All custom models and scene files are also included.

Videos are recorded at 4K and 60FPS with HIDPI Scaling on.



  • Automated PDG systems for caching and baking

  • Terrain Tools

  • Scatter Systems

  • Disk Based Instancing

  • Crowd Solver for Traffic Simulations

  • Python for file processing

  • Shading and Rendering

  • Redshift Look Dev and Lighting Workflows

Efficient use of PDG systems / AUTOMATED Workflows


This tutorial starts from an empty houdini scene, walks you through the terrain system to prepare a base for your city.

Then goes in depth on creating procedural buildings, just from a few primitive shapes , which eventually ends up with a SCI-FI style procedural building with windows, floors and interior walls and more.

Right after the assets are built, you learn techniques to significantly speed up your renders.

Come and Join me with one of the most in depth detail tutorial for city generation tutorial ever made.


​Requirements :

1080P Monitor

Minimum 8GB ram -> 32GB Recommended

Houdini 17.5 Apprentice Minimum

Redshift Trial Edition Minimum

VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic

Basic level of Houdini Knowledge



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