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VFX Studio Oriented Houdini FX Training

Complete Houdini Training that Simulates a Studio Experience

10+ Hours of In-Depth Training of Houdini. This tutorial will enable you up to be more competitive in your next task as an FX TD.


  • Terrain Tools

  • Scatter Systems

  • Disk Based Instancing

  • Particle Systems

  • Rigid Body Systems

  • Solid Solver

  • Pyro Simulations

  • Shading and Rendering

There are many ways to make an effect in Houdini, watch my tutorial to learn how to tailor a shot your way...

Added Bonus Content

Dynamic Trees with WIRE SOLVER


"it is easy to understand and I have not seen your way. and also I like it because it is project base from scratch to finish. I learned a lot from this tutorial" - Junghee Lee


"really great training, It improved me a lot!" - Francesco Stefanelli

"Huge amount of knowledge and the pace of the courses is great" - Gregg STANKOWSKI

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