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Above video and the images at the bottom are the actual tutorial output you will achieve !!!

Clear Houdini Workflows created node by node


Learn how to use Megascan assets and scene Layout


In-Depth single shot focused Houdini Tutorial

Tutorial uses megascan and custom assets for ENV build. List of objects will be provided.


  • Houdini Basic Concepts

  • Shading Network

  • Retiming

  • RBD Bullet Solver

  • POP Solver

  • PYRO Solver / GPU and CPU

  • Performance Management

  • Shading and Rendering

  • Redshift Look Dev and Lighting Workflows

  • This tutorial starts from an empty houdini scene, walks you through the import of megascans items to prepare your environment for the shot

  • Then it explains recreating shaders for these assets using redshift3d. Once environment lookdev is done, we then move to our car lookdev and animation.

  • Once all steps are concluded. We will then start the FX Work. In this section we will create

  • A massive firewall, using both GPU and CPU solver. Then we will create velocity fields to advect some cloth and set them on fire.

  • We will add impact particles as sparks, and we will retime our caches to get the bullet time effect.

  • We will then render the elements separetly using Redshift3D.



​Requirements :

1080P Monitor

32 GB ram minimum

Houdini 19.5 Apprentice

VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic

Basic level of Houdini Knowledge

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